Empirische Methoden der Sozialforschung (quantitativ und qualitativ) und Anwendungen im Gesundheitswesen. Einführung und praktische Anwendung von qualitativen und quantitativen Methoden.

The course is designed to enable students to become more confident in the use of English-language literature. In addition, the course serves as practice in writing English texts and giving presentations in English. The entire course will be held exclusively in English. This enables international students to participate in the course as well.

The requirements for scientific work (citation, structure, language style) are repeated and practiced using high-quality examples from the field of social work. Scientific language and academic style in the English-speaking world will be addressed. The course alternates between theoretical instruction through the teacher and independent practice of the course content through the students. Through active engagement of the students and active requesting of peer feedback, hurdles in the use of the English language are reduced.

In the course, students are expected to develop their own research question, research literature in English on this research question, and write and present a literature summary.

This course is aimed at students from the third semesters onwards and may serve as preparation and literature research for the BA thesis. Contents from the course "Introduction to Scientific Work" will be briefly repeated. The successful completion of the course "Introduction to Scientific Work" is recommended. A certificate of attendance / additional certificate will be issued.