An effective negotiation style is important for engineers, marketeers, project managers, and business leaders when operating in various cultural settings. Projects often fail to get a lift off, due to misunderstandings, missing management of expectations, or unprepared negotiations. When starting your own business, successful communication and negotiations of the venture’s innovation with business partners are essential. In a business context, professionals have to communicate and negotiate effectively with each other. Take for instance a conversation between an engineer, a manager and a marketeer.


This interactive seminar offers you to become aware of the necessary conditions to negotiate with others in a professional way. You will develop an understanding of various styles and of negotiation approaches. The causes and consequences of negotiating behavior in different (cultural) business contexts is addressed. The seminar will give you a leading edge when acting in a context of professionals with different backgrounds.

The seminar ‚I present & Negotiate‘ covers the process of negotiation in innovation. The departure for success is the ability to present your interest in a convincing way. The interactive seminar offers  settings in which you can develop your personal skills, spanning from startup to integrating new business into an established firm. You get acquainted with essential concepts and skills in negotiation. You will be actively involved in classical business cases, and offered ample room to present as an entrepreneur, a team member or leader in various circumstances. The seminar grading requires an English written paper reflecting the content.