Students will learn how to spark creativity and innovation as enablers of technology entrepreneurship. They will study and practice the latest creativity enhancement approaches and apply them to the harnessing of technologies for the development of product and services with a special focus on environmental sustainability. In the execution aspect of the innovation process, students will be given the opportunity to develop an innovative cleantech solution into a new business model that can be presented to investors or senior managers.

On completing the module, the students will have achieved the following learning outcomes based on scientific methods:

Subject skills

Students will understand the application of an array of digital technologies for environmental sustainability. (2) They will employ lean startup as a framework to optimize the launch of a new technology startup as well as both value proposition and minimum viable product assessment tools to evaluate the likelihood of technical and commercial success of a new product or service (3). Students will understand and apply environmentally sustainable business models (3). They will familiarize themselves with product development approaches, frameworks, and tools (2) and employ widely accepted financial tools to evaluate the economic feasibility of projects (3).

Method skills

Students will learn to employ various decision-making and problem-solving tools. (2). They will apply creativity enhancement frameworks and tools, especially they will employ design thinking as a framework for the innovation process (2).

Social skills

Students will work in groups and learn to divide tasks and take on individual roles. Students can make valuable contributions to the planning and decision-making processes (3). They can present arguments appropriate to different target groups (3).

Personal skills

Upon completion of the course, the student will acquire team-working, time-management, communication, and business presentation skills. (2).